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"A Day in the Life"

A historical look at the life and times of Elvis Aaron Presley

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Copyright Disclaimer Notice:

The "Elvis: A Day In The Life" website does not claim to own, or intentionally post copyrighted material without permission or credit.  On most occasions a "non-credited" photo will be posted because it came from a source where I was unable to find a name to give credit.  Like other fans, I have stored some of these images for years and they were not intended at the time to be used by me publicly. Because of the nature of its non-commercial, non-profit, educational theme, I would sincerely hope that the images I've used are allowed.  I have certainly made no monetary gain.  If by chance, I have posted your copyrighted photo/video/audio, please contact me, and I'll remove it immediately, or I'll give you credit if hopefully that's your choice. On the other hand it would be fantastic if you have something that the site is missing and you would like to volunteer to have your work included on these pages. I would gladly do that if you contact me with an item that fits a particular page. I would also welcome any information from visitors that assists in correcting any errors certainly made regarding dates, names, venues and so on. It is hoped that this site can be used for educational purposes and will be historically accurate.

"A Day in the Life"

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